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Bubbles Sterling Silver Link Bracelet

Regular price $150.00

Sterling silver Bubbles link bracelet with large lobster claw clasp.

-Hand fabricated by Lori Greenberg in her Cave Creek studio.
-Sterling silver with patina, polished to a high shine


-Fits wrist up to 7-3/4" 
-Links average 24mm x 9mm x 1.5mm thick
-Swivel lobster clasp measures 16.5mm


With each new silver piece I make I have the urge to say, "This is my current favorite!" But, if I did that, I'd have a lot of description editing to do on all of my recent favorites.

I think I like this one so much because it pulls from my love of making micro mosaics, and doodling. It is one of the pieces that, if you follow me, you can look at it and guess that it was made by me. I seem to have a recurring theme of dots, circles, and intricate repetitive components. These things have a calming effect on me...maybe they will for you, too.